Interview X Anfisa Letyago : « My musical roots belong to house! »

Aujourd’hui, j’ai eu la chance de rencontrer la brillante Anfisa Letyago. Nous avons parlé de son premier EP « I FEEL », ainsi que la place de la femme dans la musique électronique. Je vous laisse découvrir !

Since how long have you been a DJ ? What made you famous ?

Anfisa : I got started as a dj in 2008 so it’s been quite a while. Am I famous? … for sure the love and passion for music gave me the chance to travel the world so people have had to chance to know me, today is also easier thanks to social media that give you more visibility than in the past.

I listened to « I FEEL » and it sounds really good. What inspired you to record this EP?

Anfisa : My EP called ‘ I FEEL’ on Natura Viva record label. My musical roots belong to house so I was inspired by the music I listen and like and play. Soon in January I have more music coming out on Nervous records and then I have 2 EP on Carl Cox’s Intec Digital,very excited! Music has no boundaries, don’t wanna be pigeonhole.

Who are your artistic influences?

Anfisa : I can’t mention one, there are many I have been influenced by. Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Carl Cox, Daft Punk. I love all music and I have been living my life with great music and there is still great around.

You listen a lot of house music. I imagine that you are a huge fan of Kings Of Tomorrow?

Anfisa : The anthem of house clubs when I started clubbing , what can we say? It’s a great song, evergreen, in Napoli where I have moved many years ago, Kings of tomorrow was the classic ‘tormentone’, the hit you hear in every single corner 24/7 not just in clubs.

What do you think about the position of women in electronic music today?

Anfisa : It’s really cool, women have been around for a while actually but now it’s the new ‘trend’ and I am happy with that of course! Power to women.

Sometimes we can see « women only » events. This is subtly sexist. How do you feel about that?

Anfisa : It’s up to promoters and dis they book. Some of them need to be extremely sexy ( sometimes to much) and put music in second place. I like the word DJ without specifying the sex. It’s about music !

Merci infiniment à Anfisa pour sa disponibilité et sa gentillesse lors de cette interview!

Crédit photo : @AntonioGiacometti


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